Thursday, February 11, 2010


[Kusshon] - Valentine's Day gift 2010 - Free!
It is a set with a table and 2 fitting chairs, each with 3 anims.
You will find a valentines day cake, rose tarts, champagne, nice dishes - all linke and ready to go. But the best is the "love" anim, synchcronized and, of course, adjustable like the other anims: a anim you and your best half will feed each other with cake.
It is so cute!
Wearable forks with cake are in the set, copy-trans, so give the his/hers version to
him/her. Also wearable glasses of champagne - not needed for the anims - but nice to have.
Also two forks if you would like to place them at the table.

Lindo e elaborado presente da loja para todos. Em comemoração ao Valentine's Day (Dia dos Namorados na Europa e EUA) no próximo dia 14.
Corram, que ficará por tempo limitado!

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