Sunday, April 25, 2010

Romi Skin - Reopening!

Romi Skin - Reopening with new skins: Amy, Madison, Angel, Coco. Extremely beautiful!
And there is an adorable skin to group members in three tones: light, medium, pale
Welcome back Romi Juliesse, stay with us!
Finalmente, a Romi Juliesse voltou e trouxe novidades: quatro lindas skins e uma de presente para os membros do grupo que não desistiram de esperar.
Bem vinda outra vez, Romi e fique conosco!


  1. Forget write this : Group fee 100L !!!

  2. Hi Sue,
    I didn't forget...I think that the designer is more important than fees!!!
    Thank you to your visit.

  3. hi Irkisis!
    thank you so much for this post!:D


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