Saturday, June 5, 2010

Shameless Bits

Shameless Bits - Midnight Mania 100 slaps: STB - Playing Guitar Around The Campfire 
Deserted spot in the woods, sun rays shining through the leaves, beautiful blue skies, and the smell of your campfire filling the air. 
The tent set up, two stumps nearby - perfect for sitting on to watch the fire as you listen to the one you love play a song filled with love on his guitar!
His words melt you as you lean into him and your lips meet his in a fevorish kiss!
Wonderful gift!!! Thank you, Shameless!
Maravilhoso cenário para um encontro romântico com sua alma gêmea tocando ao seu ouvido!
Obtenha esse presente clicando no MM da loja. Sempre um excelente prêmio.

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