Sunday, August 1, 2010

Shameless Bits

Shameless Bits - Midnight Mania 100 slaps-  ::STB:: Windmill - Wonderful gift!
Thank you Shameless!
You've spent the day strolling the countryside with the one you love, at the top of the hill you see this old beautiful windmill.
He grabs your hand and you run to explore it. The doors creak as you enter, and creep up to the second floor. Standing under the windmill blades, he pins you up against the wall and his lips meet yours in a fevorish kiss.
Belíssimo prêmio do MM da Shameless.  Muito bem detalhado e excelente para decoração temática de terrenos.  Corram, são apenas 100 cliques.
Com certeza, colocarei em minha ilha na próxima semana.

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