Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Diavolicious - A & A

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Diavolicious -  MenStuff Lord Peacock, Path to Spring #28 Plantia, BSDH 034 -N'Arlequine, Swannish, La Roseraie Red, Lion Quen, ILSLF Hunt #35, Meadow, 
Snow Flake, Sea, Touch of Sensuality Hunt - Tsunami, Suddenly Yours.  
Wonderful dresses and freeee!!!!! Thank you!
And funny party on Mardi Gras...
Todos esses incriveis vestidos são politicamente gratuitos!  Acreditem...e corram lá!
A a festa foi super legal no Mardi Gras... pleasure/136/46/360

A&A - Chili Pepper Hunt: Olga Hair

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