Monday, August 1, 2011


Soho -  Studio Warehouse Home - Free!
This Soho warehouse style home with texture change menu, has two levels, the upstairs area is a spacious loft style mezzanine floor. Included is the animated kitchen, lights and fireplace.
The interactive one click texture menu, will allow you to change the floors and walls change the look and feel of the home in an instant.
This home has a sophisticated control system for windows, doors and security.
Actual blind textures that change from open, to closed to glass, closed option provides full privacy. 
The doors are lockable and the security menu includes admin and access control, so you choose who you want to have control and access of the house.
Esta linda skybox de dois pisos tem controles totais de janelas, portas, troca texturas, tem animações na cozinha e lareira.
Tudo isso é possível através do menu com apenas alguns cliques. E totalmente grátis no site do Marketplace.

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