Wednesday, November 9, 2011

CStar Limited

CStar - New Release:  Flutter Skin (8 tons)
This is a new skin called Flutter, you not only get a skin but you also have a face attachment that matches with the skin.
Limited Skins are restocked only 5 times total. Restock happens when all tones of a skin is fully sold out.
After the skins have been restocked 5 times and they are all sold out is when they no longer will be sold again, Unless sold back to cStar from a customer (this system is not available yet). 
Non-Limited skins are available. The makeups are more day/night styles.
Limited skins will have more elaborate and creative makeups.
Novo lançamento da Cstar com skins sempre bem elaboradas. Uma das melhores do SL.
Essa vem em 8 tons e com ou sem detalhe no olho e no rosto.  Em linhas limitadas, apenas disponíveis até acabar o estoque.

Shape: Maria - Zinner Shapes

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