Saturday, November 10, 2012

Vero Modero - Chop Zuey

Vero Modero - November Hunts: Giving Thanks Hunt: Katime Dress
Date: Nov 1st to 30th
Hint: Yes I am a turkey but with so much better colors. 

Suicide Awareness Hunt - Golden pants, top
Date: Nov 1th to Dec 15th

Hint: Life can't always be happy but we can always make it  brighter.

The Dirty Turkey Hunt: Red pants, top
Date: Nov 15th to 30th
Hint: Oh yes I can be a home pet but you can't ever tame me.

Who's That Girl Hunt: Latex Catsuit

Date: Nov 1st to Nov 30
Hint: For a girl there is nothing more romantic than rose petals on the floor.

Todas as roupas são prêmios de Caçadas diversas.


Chop Zuey - Free: The Ghosts of Sweet William (earrings)
Os brincos de fantasminhas em diamante são gratuitos para todos.

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