Friday, August 16, 2019

Simply Shelby - Lunar Seasonal - Someone Stole My Sign - Tylar's Treasures - Persnickity - Michigans Shack

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The Cookie Jar - Free anniversary gifts:
Simply Shelby - Elven Lamp and Mosaic Butterfly Wall decor.

Lunar Seasonal Designs - Menu Driven Wooden Pier. Comes with pg poses.
Someone Stole My Sign - Dolly Tea party. So cute!
Tylar's Treasures - Wall Planter.
Persnickity - Flower Bed with garden Flag.
Michigans Shack - Get Me Wet, Lady Garden Diving Waterfall. Comes with pg/adult menu.
Todas as decorações super bonitas das imagens são presentes gratuitos do aniversário do evento The Cookie Jar. Destaque especial para as duas cascatas com pier. A da primeira imagem vem menu de poses pg e adulto e a segunda só com poses pg.

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