Monday, June 22, 2020

Petrichor - Sintiklia - Supernatural - The Annex - Varonis - Mini A Chuu

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Shop and Hop Free Gifts:
* Petrichor - Syliste. Amazing skin. Comes with bakes on mesh;
* Sintiklia - Ruby hair. Comes with color/style hud;
* The Annex - Sorang. Comes with 4 colors;

* Supernatural - Tita necklace. Comes with texture hud;
* Mini A Chuu - Silvergarde Diorama;
* Varonis - Old Container Conversion.
Mais presentes gratuitos do evento Shop and Hop: a belíssima skin com camada bakes on mesh, o cabelo com huds de estilo e cores, o sarongue, o colar com hud de texturas de metais, o jogo de mesa com as poltronas e o conteiner. 

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