Saturday, January 30, 2010

Shameless Bits



Shameless Bits - STB Palm Tree Hammock - Friday and Saturday's MM - This is for two days! 350 slaps.
The ocean waves, salty breeze, white sands, and the sun shining down.
They wrap thier arm around you as you walk along the shoreline.
Warmth fills you as you look into their eyes. You stumble across a secluded little hideaway
and find a beautiful palm tree with a hammock underneath!
The two of you lay down as he pulls you close and daydream about the love you have now and will always share.  
The full version may be purchased at a discount of half off today, only!
O MM agora será para dois dias, sexta e sábado, portanto, corram antes que preencham.
Este é um coqueiro muito bonito com uma bela rede com menu.
A versão completa pode ser adquirida pela metade do preço, apenas hoje.

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