Friday, February 12, 2010

Shameless Bits - Heart Kissing Tree

Shameless Bits - Midnight Mania - Heart Kissing Tree - So romantic!

The sky is full of twinkling stars, a warm breeze flows over you, the one you love beside you as you walk along the woods. Warm touches, soft murmurs of love and desire.
You find a tree shaped like a heart, and you just have to stop to check it out, it seems like love is just all around you!
They pull you close and lean against the tree, their soft hands surround you, and you look into their eyes and see the love and with a sigh of desire their lips meet yours.

This comes with the prettiest cuddle animations in SL. These can stir all those romantic feelings while enjoying them with the ones you love!

Full version:
1 Dance animation
13 Kissing animations

Lite version:
2 Kissing animations

MM de hoje da loja para os românticos namorados!

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