Sunday, March 7, 2010

Shameless Bits

Shameless Bits - Midnight Mania 11/350 - ::STB:: Inflatable Raft - 
That first hot, hint of summer, day. The sun shining down. The pool looking so inviting. You grab your loves hand and run to the pool! Putting just your toes in first to make sure, then feeling the refreshing water, you jump right in, pulling them along with you! You come up with a gasp, its a bit chilly, so you swim over to the raft/innertube, and hop on to get the warm rays. Your love isn't ready to come out, so they come along side you and their arms warp around you to keep you warm, then as their lips meet yours, all you feel is heat!
Thank you ShamelessTrouble!
Lindo MM de colchão de praia para casal...corram que são apenas 350 cliques!


Midnight Mania 11/500 ::STB:: Kissing 4 Palms 1 - Lite
Water surrounding, blue skies overhead, gentle breezes, warm white sand underneath.
A deserted tropical island for you and the one you love.
The whole day spent in the shade of a group of beautiful palm trees, talking, holding hands, and when the urge overtakes, kissing til your lips are swollen.
MM de lindo e romântico coqueiro com animações.

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