Monday, August 2, 2010


Equilibrium - NIAH Prize (tank, jeans and suspender), Techie Hunt Prize  (two cyber eyes, with normal and prim version and the prim version had small prims rotating on the orbit and a cyber heart that pumps)
Equilibrium have two new hunt prizes, both hunts will have some male/unisex prizes.
The first one is The Needle in the Haystack, the hints are over here:

The second one its the Techie Hunt, with nerd/techie/cyber things the hints are over here:

Both hunts going from August 1st until August 31th

Conjunto completo para ambos os sexos e Olhos em três cores com órbitas animadas em duas Caçadas que ocorrerão de 01 a 31 de Agosto.
As dicas estão nos links abaixo:

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