Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Zinner Gallery

ZINNER GALLERY -  Sale 95% Off
Here you can find all you need and all you ever thought you'll need for your SL Halloween!

Jack O Lantern (7 types) - L$ 1
Scary Animated Party - L$ 2
Spooky Graveyard with Ghost - L$ 10
Ghost in The Tomb with sound - L$ 5
Tomb with Candle - L$ 5
Halloween Scene with Hay - L$ 5
Emitters - L$ 1
Tomb with Flowers - L$ 5
Banners, Neons, Witches, Skeletons - L$ 5
Witch Animated Pictures and Webs - L$ 1
Halloween Bangles - L$ 1
Pumpkin Candle Red, Yellow, Green - FREE!
Lucky Chair: Scary Mushroom
Midnight Mania: Dark Skybox


Promoção por tempo limitado: Todas as decorações das fotos e outras mais por quase zero linden. Aproveitem para preparar uma super festa de Halloween!

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