Monday, February 18, 2013

Vero Modero - Loordes of London

Vero Modero - February Gifts Hunts:
Todas as roupas completas são prêmios das respectivas Caçadas, conforme segue abaixo:
*  Tainted Love Hunt - Sq Dress
Date: Feb 1 - Feb 28 - L$ 1 

Hint: Though is hard to change sometimes you can just look good when you do.

* Hug & kisses Hunt - Top, skirt
Date: Feb 1st - 15th 
Hint: When in couple all looks better.

* Cupid Arrow Hunt - Flora Silk Dress 

Date: Feb 3 - Feb 24 
Hint: Love is not for sale but certainly we are.

* Route 66 Hunt - Top, Skirt, Glasses
Date: Feb 20 to Mar 20

Hint : Its been a long day shopping for that special night,now i just want to rest.

* Toxic Love Hunt - Party Outfit 
Date: Feb 1- Feb 28
Hint : You know me very well and this time I will be keeping your gift very close to me.

Loordes of London - New Release: Canterbury Boots Black, Angelsey Boots white, 
Windsor II (Aubergine, Red, Scarlet),  Xyroom (Kainus II Scarlet, Aubergine).
Todos os sapatos e lindas botas são lançamentos da loja.

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