Thursday, March 3, 2016

Coco - LPD - RE - Bauhaus - Entwined - Apple May - Elikatira - Katatonik - Due - Elua - Kunglers - Zenith


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Shiny Shabby - Free gifts:
Coco - Boyfriend jeans
LPD - Petunia Top mesh 
RE - Shiny Shabby necklace
Bauhaus Movement- Cody's Goggles (glasses)
Entwined - Melody hair with colours hud
Apple May Designs- Izzie black bodysuit
Elikatira - Kiki mesh hair with colours hud
Katatonik - Fox Doll
Due - Michelle Hair
Elua - Latifah Hair 
Kunglers - Shiny Shabby Bracelet 
Zenith - Plum Flower Deer Rings
Todas as roupas, jóias, óculos, boneca, cabelos e collant são presentes gratuitos na Shiny Shabby.

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