Monday, May 30, 2016

Finesmith - Azoury - Emotion - Caboodle - Kunglers - Faida - Calico - Day Dreamer - Meadowworks - Cubic Cherry - LB Eyes


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Finesmith - Group Gift: Stacie coral dress. Amazing and sensual dress!
O vestido super sensual da Finesmith é presente para o grupo. 

We Love Roleplay - Free amazing gifts:
Azoury - Earmuffs Plume Red;
Emotion - Fenia hair;
Cubic Cherry - Memoria mesh Eyes;
Caboodle - Fur Stole;
Kunglers - Navajo Hoops;

MeadowWorks - Ankh Pendant;
Faida - Windmaster;
LB Eyes - Witch Hunter;
Calico Hair -Mantha, Penny, Phoebe, Quinn hairs;
Day Dreamer - Cori's Pendant.

Todas as roupas, cabelos, acessórios e jóias são presentes maravilhosos do evento We Love Roleplay.

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