Saturday, June 18, 2016

Hairology - Zinner Shapes

Hairology - 19 Hairs.  Amazing and free! Thank you designers.
Pr!tty - Jeanie hair;
Elikatira: Libby, Lena hairs;
Bade - Kevin (male hair, not shown);

Iconic - Gia hair;
Phoenix - Fabienne;
Alice Project - Tamara;

Love - Puddin;
Analog Dog - Kanpai;
No Match - No Luck B Red;
Mina Hair - Pearl;
Emotions - Mabel;
Damselfly - Unity;
Mithral - Basil;

Beusy - Limes;
Wasabi Pills - Lee;
Envogue - Kendra;

Tukinowaguma - Yuko;
Pr!tty - Jeannie;
[RA] Waterfall.
Em comemoração aos 13 anos do SL o evento Hairology está oferecendo 19 lindíssimos tipos de cabelos totalmente gratuitos para todos. 

Zinner Shapes - Model shape collection: Pearl. Slim and pritty.
Pearl é um dos shapes da Coleção Especial para Modelos. Esguia e linda!


  1. Could you tell me the name of the hair in the very first picture please?

    1. Hi Dexx!
      The hair is from Damselfly (Unity).
      Thank you for your visit.
      Irkisis Zinner


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