Sunday, June 21, 2020

UC - Simply Shelby - WoW Skins - Justice - Vanity - Celeste - Spoiled - Myth - DFS - Petit Chat - 3rd Eye Perception - Studio Dire

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Shop and Hop Free Gifts:
* UC - Atieno Dress Wine. Comes with appliers;
* Simply Shelby - Rustic Elvish Garden Lamps (two colors);
* WoW Skins - Daisy skin for Genus -
* Justice - Parker Boots. Comes with colors hud and appliers;
* Vanity Hair - First Date. Comes with colors hud and appliers;
* Celeste - Paw Love Pendant;
* Spoiled - Pad lock Choker. Comes with 42 color in the hud;
* Myth - Balloons Colors;
* 3rd Eye Perceptions - Giant Butterfly Poppy Set;
* DFS - Freddie The DFS Farmer;
* Studio Dire - Glimmer Granite, Cake Mimic;
* Petit Chat - Delivery Set (bottle crate, cardbox, pallet).
O vestido, a skin, o cabelo com lenço, as botas, o boneco no braço, colares e toda a decoração são presentes gratuitos do evento Shop and Hop.

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