Saturday, September 16, 2023



Entice - Back to Cool Hunt Gifts:
* Cherry Popsicle Top (Red).
Hint: To find this top just do three twirls then search this floor for two bad girls.
* Cherry Popsicle Skirt and Panties (Plaid).
Hint: To keep your wardrobe looking fresher search for this skirt under pressure!
* Cherry Popsicle BOM Eyeshadow
Hint: If you wear this makeup you won't look like a clown. Search for the rainbow near the delicate gown.
* Cherry Popsicle BOM Lipstick.
Hint: To find these lips with colors so fair, seek the Flowers for your hair.
A mini saia com calcinha, o top, a sombra e o batom são presentes da loja para a Caçada Back to Cool.

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