Tuesday, September 7, 2010


CStar - Mr & Miss September - You can win a new skin tone of this skin everyone 2-3 days!
That means the first day: September 1st, you get one random skin tone.
Come back in 2-3 days and there's another hunt prize hidden in the store.
At the end of the month you will have collected all 12 skin tones!
Click the lipstick by the sign to get a Hunt for where to find the prize.
Beware the talking flowers in CStar, they will talk your heads off!
These skins are not for sale and can only be won during the month of September.
There will be 12 Hidden Hunt Prizes throughout the month! Don't miss out!
You only win one Skin tone at a time!
Este mês a CStar mudou sua forma de nos presentear: está promovendo uma Caçada interna onde a cada 2, 3 dias haverá uma skin diferente escondido dentro da loja.
Para encontrá-la basta clicar na placa com os lábios para saber onde está, dessa forma, no final do mês terá 12 skins inéditas e que nunca estarão à venda.

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