Saturday, September 25, 2010

Shameless Bits

New Release: STB - Rolling Around in The Hay
A huge Steals and Deals Sale going on this weekend for Halloween!
Each piece is on sale for half off!!!
The Midnight Mania is one of the pieces (Lite version).
Fantastic work for Halloween.  Thank you so much, ShamelessTrouble!!!
Lançamento para o Halloween: toda a decoração para seu terreno ou ilha.
Trabalho com riqueza de detalhes, como é comum aos materiais da SB.
E, generosamente, a designer ShamelessTrouble, presenteou-me com toda a linha de produtos, os quais, estão fazendo parte da decoração de Halloween em minha ilha - Nossa Cidade.

Midnight Mania 100 slaps:  STB - Romp in the Hay
The moon is full overhead, with a thick fog rolling in. Sounds fill the air, the hollow hoot from an owl, a cat ready to attack, the screech of black crows flying overhead, and bats chittering in the trees.
Hay bales stacked all around and you and the one you love snuggled up on the warm hay ground cover.
As he looks into your eyes and wraps his arms around you, you get lost in his eyes and your lips met in a sweet kiss!
No MM, parte da decoração citada acima, para quem clicar no placar.
São apenas 100 cliques.  Corram!

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