Sunday, August 9, 2020


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MOoH! New releases:
* Harry Swimsuit Pale. It is a fun swimsuit with 6 different textures. 
Available in the main store.
* Pool Fun Gacha. Exclusive for The Gacha Garden until Aug 31. Available with pool floaties, swimrings, sunhats, larger floaties with poses and smaller to hold. 
They are L$ 50 a try. Playing 20 times will give you the exclusive "Seed of inspiration".
Dois lançamentos super engraçados: o maiô com estampa de corpo masculino que vem com 6 texturas diferentes e as bóias para mar e piscina. As bóias estão disponíveis na gacha no evento The Gacha Garden por L$ 50 cada tentativa até o dia 30 de Agosto.
A cada 20 jogadas ganha um brinde exclusivo.

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