Monday, August 24, 2020

Zinner Shapes & Gallery

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Zinner Shapes & Gallery - New release: Gabriela shape. A gorgeous curvy shape exclusive for Genus Strong Face head. Comes with 5 sizes, eyebrow, style card.
Based on Maitreya body but it was successfully tested on the Belleza, Slink, eBody, Lucybody and Eve bodies. Available in the main store.
Criamos o curvilíneo shape Gabriela , exclusivamente, para a cabeça Genus Strong Face.
Ele vem em 5 tamanhos, com shape para sobrancelha e cartão de estilo. 
Foi criado baseado no corpo Maitreya, mas foi testado com êxito nos corpos Belleza, Slink, eBody, Lucybody e Eve.

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